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ThreatPipes connects threat intelligence and security tools so that they can work together in powerful new ways.


Write custom rules to monitor dynamic intelligence sources in real-time. ThreatPipes miners can be set to collect, parse and import intelligence from sources across the internet and darkweb.

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ThreatPipes AWS S3 integration


Enrich indicators with additional context. ThreatPipes can add confidence scores, tags, and other meta-data to help you focus on the most severe threats.

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ThreatPipes indicator enrichment


ThreatPipes can be set to filter and integrate indicators with hundreds of security tools including SIEM's, firewalls and incident response platforms.

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ThreatPipes MISP integration


Collaborate with other ThreatPipes users, industry peers, and the wider community to harness the collective knowledge of the crowd.

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ThreatPipes to ThreatPipes integration
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