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Threat Intelligence Plumbing

ThreatPipes connects threat intelligence sources and security tools so that they can work together in powerful new ways.

Set intelligent triggers

Monitor dynamic intelligence sources in real-time. ThreatPipes triggers can be set to parse, import and enrich new intelligence automatically.

CREATE a trigger...

ThreatPipes AWS S3 integration

Perform automated actions

Put your threat intelligence to work automatically. ThreatPipes actions can be paired with triggers to integrate gathered intelligence with your security tools.

CONFIGURE an action...

ThreatPipes MISP integration

Community generated intelligence

The ThreatPipes Threat Exchange allows groups of similar organisations to find, share and collaborate with their peers.

ACCESS the Threat Exchange...

ThreatPipes Threat Exchange

Build your own integrations

Extend the power of ThreatPipes using new integrations built by our partners and users.

BROWSE the integration library...

ThreatPipes custom built integration
ThreatPipes Integration

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