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See how ThreatPipes is used to detect and protect from cyber threats

ThreatPipes case studies

Organisations rely on ThreatPipes to help drive better security decisions, faster.

ThreatPipes increases the effectiveness of your security team by automating the aggregation, enrichment and enforcement of threat intelligence.

Case study: Aggregating Custom Threat Intelligence from Across the Internet

Read how the small threat hunting team of this financial technology company used ThreatPipes to crawl the internet to identify threats to their organisation.

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Case study: Adding Context to Prioritise Incidents in the SOC

Learn how this global organisation increased the efficiency of their analyst team using ThreatPipes by categorising and ranking security incidents.

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Case study: Using Automation to Support Multiple Integrations

Get an insight into how this MSSP uses ThreatPipes to offer a threat intelligence service to customers across the Middle East.

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Case study: Sharing Threat Intelligence with Industry Peers

Find out how this group of online retailers uses ThreatPipes to stay ahead of their adversaries by sharing threat data.

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