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About ThreatPipes

Stay two steps ahead of your adversaries. Get a complete picture of how they will exploit you.

ThreatPipes is a reconnaissance tool that automatically queries 100’s of data sources to gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, e-mail addresses, names and more.

You simply specify the target you want to investigate, pick which modules to enable and then ThreatPipes will collect data to build up an understanding of all the entities and how they relate to each other.

DNS, Whois, Web pages, passive DNS, spam blacklists, file meta data, threat intelligence lists as well as services like SHODAN, HaveIBeenPwned? and many others are used to discover intelligence on a target.

By following chains of intelligence, ThreatPipes also uncovers other affiliated targets that have a relationship to your original target. For example, a domain entered in a scan might resolve to SSL certificates, to known malicious domains, to IP addresses, and so on.

The data returned from a ThreatPipes scan will reveal a lot of information about your target, providing insight into possible data leaks, vulnerabilities or other sensitive information that can be leveraged during a penetration test, red team exercise, blue team activities, or for threat intelligence.


Below are just a handful of example use-cases of how our customers use ThreatPipes.

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Want to see more? Watch these short demos to learn how security teams use ThreatPipes to expose risks to their network.