Some big news…

ThreatPipes was a project designed to be a swiss-army knife for OSINT. It morphed into a tool used by both red and blue teams around the world.

As the number of integrations grew (over 150 today), so did the other tools in the market, including Spiderfoot, a tool much of ThreatPipes modelled itself on.

Today we’ve decided to put our efforts to inject the power and vision of ThreatPipes into Spiderfoot to make it an even more powerful reconnaissance tool.

You can still download ThreatPipes. We’ve also removed the licensing restrictions so all features can be used in the free version.

Spiderfoot HX

As Spiderfoot HX matures, we recommend all ThreatPipes users make the move to Spiderfoot HX when they can. You can try it out using the free tier.

The latest HX release is packed with some great new features.

We’ll be helping existing licensed customers migrate over to Spiderfoot HX in the coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to working with the Spiderfoot community.

Happy hunting!

David Greenwood

David Greenwood, ThreatPipes Team