Some big news…

ThreatPipes was a project designed to make OSINT more valuable to security teams tasked with defending against cyber threats.

It grew into a tool used by both red and blue teams around the world.

However, as the number of integrations also grew (over 150 today), so did the noise.

It became clear we lost sight of our original goal – our customers were still drowning in a sea of information.

There are too many things happening – too much data, too many attackers, too much of an attack surface to defend – that without those automated capabilities that you get with artificial intelligence and machine learning, you don’t have a prayer of being able to defend yourself.

  • Art Coviello, Jr, a partner at Rally Ventures and the former chairman of RSA.

I’m really excited to announce today that we’ve decided to join forces with Obstract AI.

Obstract AI is using artificial intelligence to turn human created unstructured threat data (PDFs, Word docs and web pages…) into rich, structured machine readable intelligence (indicators, threat actors, TTPs, campaigns…) in STIX format.

This deeply contextual intelligence can be fed directly into the logic of security controls for automation or used by analysts for more complex incidents where human intervention is required.

Obstract AI Intelligence Communities provide networks like ISACs, ISAOs, industry groups, holding companies, and other threat intel sharing communities a secure platform to share information and collaborate during investigations.

So what’s next?

All existing ThreatPipes customers have already been informed of migration steps via email.

We’ve also removed the licensing restrictions for the core ThreatPipes product so all features can be used in the free version.

We will stop officially supporting ThreatPipes on the 1st August 2020.

Happy hunting!

For more information about Obstract AI visit

David Greenwood

David Greenwood, ThreatPipes Team